My mother worked for a pest control company for 13 years. I began to work for the same company when I turned 18. I met my husband through this company. It really was a family business. Well, the owner decides to sell to Terminix and that’s when everything changed. Half our employees were fired, most had been with the original company for 10-20 years. The vice president gets fired, who happened to be a woman making $70,000/year (if you notice, not too many women in high positions at Terminix); because there isn’t a job available for her, while at the same time Terminix ran an ad in the paper for someone in her position. I’m then six months pregnant working in the office as the receptionist answering the calls from angry customers because Terminix billed three months in advance without notice. Go on maternity leave, ask for my original technician route back — get told the route is being terminated, only to come back to see someone who quit (because they knew they would fail the drug screen Terminix popped when they acquired us) was rehired and given the route two days earlier (oh yeah…my desk has already been taken over by someone they hired while I was on maternity leave).  I come back with the offer “you can file.”  So needless to say, I quit the same day I came back. AND my son is now 8 months old.  He is NOT on the insurance I had with the company yet. Why? Because they lost my application (which I just found out after being told it was taken care of…). The reason why it was lost?  And I quote from the benefits department manager, “How are we supposed to keep up with the hundreds of papers that come through here each day?”  The last comment (I promise): Terminix and my mom have just settled a law suit they had against her for solicitation (which she didn’t). She came out in favor.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.