I’ve just spent an hour going through your website and reading all the crap that is on it.  Amazing!  I never quite realized the full extent of the problems Terminix has until visiting your website.

I have heard numerous complaints as well as seeing some in my own branch.  I have seen where old customers are pushed aside in order to get new business accounts.  Terminix is all about new business at the expense of present customers.  The biggest daily concern is in new sales – pushing all the sales managers with an estimated daily budget and verbal abuse from the regional manager as well as the regional sales manager. The company also does not release members of management that they deem somewhat incompetent – they simply move the morons from branch to branch (this only applies to branch and sales managers).  As far as service managers are concerned, they really can’t replace them as easily. Most of the qualified techs that work for the company wouldn’t take the job – they usually make more than that and only work about 10 hrs a day, rather than the 12 or so for management.  Service managers almost never get a promotion; any new promotion comes from the sales staff.  They usually go to sales manager first, then to a branch manager – as long as they had outstanding numbers in resurrecting the sales department they inherited.  I have even been told on occasion to miss a regular, old customer in order to get to a new customer, and have done it. The reason is because of the way a tech gets paid – a commission/salary basis. If you were a tech, would you go to a $35 monthly customer, or would you go to a new customer who is paying Terminix $200-$250 for an initial service visit?  Because a tech gets paid up to 25% of a customer’s charge, they will always take the one with more money.  As far as people having problems with requests for extra service, there is one main reason – we don’t get paid to do them.  For example, a quarterly customer pays Terminix one time in 3 months for service; and we as techs also only get paid to go to your house only once in 3 months.  So if you had a problem with ants at you regular service time, we would get paid to go to your house.  A month later, if you have a hornets nest that was not there last month and you call us to come out and take care of it, that tech is not getting paid for it. Any wonder why so many extra customer requests fall through the cracks each month?

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.