I can only speak of the termite department of Terminix; and if the customers truly knew what was going on, they would be surprised. I work for Terminix as a termite tech. I have been with the company two years and work for a branch that is under the corporation.  First, I would say to any Terminix customer with a termite contract: if you have an inspection done and the tech has a termite hazard survey form filled out, explains what it is for, and needs  you to sign it, DO NOT.  Whatever is put on this form can affect you if you end up with termites and damage.  Terminix will use this form to get out of paying a full-damage claim. Second, if you have Sentricon with Terminix, I feel for you.  Odds are the tech is not doing the job. Sentricon is a great product and very effective if the job is done right. Dow Chemical owns Sentricon and was a watchdog over how Terminix was working with it.  Not anymore.  Terminix broke strings with Dow telling them Terminix would continue to buy Sentricon from them but Dow could no longer tell Terminix how they would use it.  So, now, without the watchdog, there goes your Sentricon. I worked doing Sentricon sites for a year straight.  My supervisor and branch manager did not care that I was very concerned about how other techs were doing the work.  It was just get it done. The only good news if you have Sentricon with Terminix is you have a protection policy on your home, and odds are you will need it.  There are so many things I could tell you about Terminix.  None are good.  Run from them; hide if you can. God be with you if you are a Terminix customer.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.