Rhode Island

I was employed by Terminix for seven long, gruesome years. What a fabulous experience… NOT.  Learning how to screw costumers over, and then finding out as an employee you also get screwed. There was one report filed that used the term “Splash & Dash.” In Rhode Island, we call it “Dog & Pony.”  That all means let’s see how much material we can’t use. Let’s save money on our P & L this month.  The branch needs to do well.  That explains after seven years as a Pest Technician why I was never paid crap.  Terminix and Service Master, their parent company, are the ultimate joke. I was considered a Senior Technician and Associate Mentor.  During the seven years of employment I was always told that I would get paid for my mentoring, or training of new technicians, and I never saw a dime. After confronting my branch and service manager, I was told that the pay was retroactive..”You’ll get it coming to you…” My branch manager always said, “I’ll call Payroll…” He was a lying fool.

I could go on for hours and hours, pages and pages of incidents that I could report about Terminix.  My service manager would say to me, “You have a Pest Start to do today, but we don’t have any materials; so just go and fake it and collect the money.” I also, in the seven year span, would bring up the question, “Why don’t I get any paid vacation or holiday time when the technicians perform all the work?  Why don’t we get a single thing?”  But at the end of the year when the numbers look good and the branch is one of the so-called “branches of the year,” which is another joke, the branch and service manager get to go to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Miami… the hard-working technicians get bull—-. I have never worked for a more corrupt company like Service Master/Terminix. If the residents of Rhode Island only knew how much they were getting ripped off, they would be appalled.  In closing, I just wanted to add my two cents, because I too was ripped off by Terminix.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.