Quincy, Illinois

I worked for Terminix here in Quincy for a little over a year and HATED every minute of it! The Branch Manager and Data Entry Clerk hated each other passionately and were scared to death of each other! She dressed in jeans and polo or t-shirt and he dressed in grubby shorts and t-shirt unless a higher up was to make an appearance. It really made for a pleasant, “businesslike” atmosphere when a customer walked in the door! I did everything in my power to get laid off so that I could draw unemployment until I found another job and succeeded wholeheartedly.  I was ecstatic beyond belief and found the job of my dreams in less than two months!  I now no longer have to answer the phone and listen constantly to customer complaints about the lazy pest control techs or lying termite control salesmen and that alone is enough to make this girl jump in the air and clap her hands!!!! WOOHOO!!! Eric, Brenda, Will and Chris…..you deserve each other!!!!!  In my opinion liars, cheaters, brown nosers, and backstabbers go hand in hand!

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.