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I want to share my experience with you as a ex – Terminix employee. I accepted a job as a Pest Control Tech at the Comm. Pest control office in Middletown, Ohio, in 12/2002. After getting hired, I was taken out for “training” for a day with another employee. At the time, he was being groomed for a promotion to a position as a Service Manager, after about 3 or so years with the company.

During the training day, we made service visits to several of his accounts. At the stops, I observed several examples of sub-standard work done by him that all related to poor maintance of rodent interior and exterior bait stations. A real no-no if your facility is AIB inspected. We also made a stop at his apartment, that he shared with a live in girlfriend, so he could pick up a pager that he had forgotten to bring with him since he had been running late that morning. We engaged in conversations throughout the day. Also that day we both discussed our backgrounds in pest control. I talked about the over 7 years of experience in the pest control business I received when I was in my 20’s. I was 33 when I took the job at Terminix. At that point he became quiet and seemed to be a little intimidated. I also told him I was enrolled in college part time and working on a degree.

After returning to the office, he stabbed me in the back and immediately had a closed door meeting with our boss. Behind my back, and without an opportunity to defend myself, he told the boss I was attending school. He also said I talked too much, and I was slow. I have never been accused of either of those things before. He had been intimated by me because he felt that a newcomer with more experience, and also more intelligence than he could derail his long-awaited promotion.

In March of 2003, I was fired from Terminix. I had been receiving harassment from the supervisor about my status as a student. He felt I would not get my work completed, when I never had any problems with that. When I refused to quit school they began fishing for things to hold against me, so they could build an acceptable reason for termination. On my Separation Notice, it was stated that I was fired for failure to work a required workday; Saturday March 15, 2003, when I had no accounts scheduled for service. They also checked the “Not eligiable for rehire” checkbox on the form.

Several days later, I phoned Memphis, and spoke to the Regional Service Supervisor. I informed him of the failure of my manager Dan Dawson to provide me safety equipment (gloves, and glasses). He knew I had been fired several days before. He said nothing of any substance about the management’s failure to provide the equipment but did say that my separation was a “good separation,” and that he agreed that my college enrollment would get in the way of the job in the future at some point.

In summary, my experience with Terminix taught me that the company is managed by individuals of questionable ethics; as well as inattention to the customer. A company who treats its employees unfairly is not a company to engage in business with. I would not trust my home or business to them, would you?

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