South Carolina

How I wish I had seen your web site prior to paying Terminix $3100 for the Sentricon System.  I am going to write to the Attorney General of SC and refer them also to your web site so they can see the extent of the problem. The following has been sent on four separate occasions to Terminix without any response:

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find an address for Terminix anywhere on your website. I would have much preferred to contact you through conventional mail.  My wife and I finished building our retirement home in Myrtle Beach in March of l996. During my professional career, I was in the insurance profession and was responsible for all accounts, insured by us, within the United States. Our 100 year old company provided property insurance for the larger industries throughout the world.  Dow Chemical was one of our valued clients and I was privileged to be directly responsible for their account for many years and got to know and respect them during my many visits to Saginaw. The significance of this you will understand later.

Having spent my entire career in the insurance field you can understand why I am very careful to ensure that all of my interests are properly protected and that such protection is provided only by companies of the highest integrity. After completing our house in 1996 and learning that we were in an area of the country where termites were a serious problem, I began to do my due diligence to determine how best to protect our interests. It did not take long.  The Sentricon System, using Dow Chemical Technology and administered and supported by THE name in the pest control business, Terminix, convinced me there was but one way to go.  What a mistake we made.  Not, I’m sure, in our choice of the Sentricon System but in our choice of Terminix.  I might add that the problems began almost immediately with your local salesman lying to us, and as I attempted resolution, to your local manager at the office here in Myrtle Beach.  Further disappointment came when I received a Terminix survey a few months later and expressed my concerns via that vehicle and received absolutely no response at all.

The problem: We were told when entered into the contract for protection with Terminix that we would receive our Damage Repair Commitment in three months if termites were not discovered by the Sentricon System.  When three months passed without any incident of termite infestation and I did not get any news from Terminix about the commitment, I tried to contact the salesman, who prior to my contract was always immediately available; and now, almost a year later, I have still not heard from him. After not being able to reach him, I contacted your local manager here; and while I have had promise after promise from him to resolve the problem, I still have not received my Damage Repair Commitment.  And I can assure you it has not been through lack of effort on my part. All I am able to get from any of your representatives is “lip service.”

Sorry to have taken so much of your time with such a long letter, but felt it necessary to explain fully my problem. Hopefully, you feel it is in your company’s interest to know how you are being represented by those that provide your services.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.