New Jersey

We have had Terminix for the last year and a half. They have to be here every month to check on the termites.  They never show up, although scheduled, unless I call.  Even after I call them, they say they were there “yesterday.” Funny. I was home “yesterday,” and nobody showed up from Terminix.  When they do show up, they have to check every single station.  They “check” it, and tell me that there is nothing there.  Interesting.  Two days later when they really do show up and check it with me walking behind them, they find termites. It must be magic that the termites beamed down just prior to Terminix’ arrival.  I spent all day today waiting for their serviceman who did not show up.  A call to Terminix customer service did not yield anything. They said they have no way of calling the local office; they will fax them my information and someone will get back to me ASAP. When asked if this will be today, they said yes. When I called the local office directly, it was closed.  The customer service then said that the office is now closed until Monday.  When asked how they will call me today if they are closed, the response was — total silence.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.