My husband and I moved into a very old one-bedroom home to save up money. This poor little house was infested with the great outdoors it seemed…swarms of ants in every room, wasps that came into our house daily (and not to mention, I’m allergic to the stings), brown recluse spiders everywhere you turn, giant wolf spiders ( I ended up with one in the tub with me), and mice during cold weather (although at the time of my call to Terminix, I did not mention mice, since they were not around in the summer.) I almost could’ve handled living in the home until we moved, except we had a baby; and I feared for her safety. So my call to Terminix resulted in a young man coming out to my house the same evening to “inspect,” look at the spider I caught in my bath water, and to give me a quote.  The quote included the general pest control, an extra deal to rid our home of brown recluses up to 95%, wasp spray, any follow ups that may occur if a wasp or spider was to be seen after the job was done, spraying in our attic, and in the barn out back that is less than 5 ft. from my home.  The young man said that since the barn was so close, it would be covered in the price he quoted me. He said that was where all the pests were coming from. I even made a point to ask him if there was any hope, being that the house was so old and in such bad shape. He guaranteed me that the only pest we had that he couldn’t completely eliminate was the brown recluse, and continued to explain why, but did say that he would guarantee me that he could get rid of 95% of them.  So I felt relieved, and I agreed to sign up for the 12-month contract.  The agreement included the up-front fee that would be paid when the main technician came out and a $60 some-odd payment every 3 months. That would bring the main technician out on our first appointment; and then every 3 months, bring out a regular technician to do follow-up work. I made the appointment for the main technician to do his work the following week. We were told he’d be out early, at 9:00.  For my family that is pretty early…we’re a “2nd shift family.”  We all got up and dressed and waited on him to show. At noon, I received a call from him, saying he was in the town beside me and was running late.  He called again, 40 minutes later saying he had a flat and wouldn’t make it that day, but he’d be there at the same appointment time the next day. So, mad as we were, we woke up early the next day, and again waited. He was then 2 hours late.  When he got there, he set glue traps, sprayed along the baseboards, dusted our attic with some kind of powder that would kill spiders when they injested it, and sprayed wasp nests outside. He never sprayed anything in the yard like we were told he would do.  He never treated the barn either. After his job was done, we questioned how effective it would be. He said there should be no more wasps, wolf spiders, or ants.  As far as brown recluses go, we could only hope that it would get rid of a big majority of them.  We payed the man, and he gave us the receipt and a form that explained which houses he had visited and when he arrived at each home he treated. What I thought was weird was that he lied about when he left the last customer’s house and when he arrived at ours. He wrote down a time that was extremely close to our appointment time, instead of the 2-hour-late time. In less than 2 weeks, our pest problems came back full force and then some. I was seeing more spiders than before (both kinds), wasps were coming in (and not too happy, I should mention).  The ants swarmed my kitchen and bathroom twice as much, instead of the whole house.  I became furious that they expected me to pay them every 3 months for “giving me more pests” than I started out with.  I called the office, and the head honcho there seemed all too happy to help me. He made another appointment to send the SAME main technician out to my house.  Again, he was extremely late.  When he got there, he sprayed the same stuff on the baseboards and spots that I specifically pointed out, resprayed the outside eves for the wasps, and checked the traps.  When we asked why he didn’t do anything for the brown recluses, he said that our “package” didn’t include the treatment for brown recluses…that that stuff was an extra $100$200.  After we insisted that it was covered in our package and showed him the contract, he got MAD at ME and said the guy who quoted this price was wrong and shouldn’t have told us that. He was hesitant but finally did an extra minispray for those spiders. When we asked why he didn’t treat the barn or the yard, he said that barns are extra too, and it wasn’t covered.  Again, I insisted that I was told by the first young man it would be covered.  The technician refused to treat the barn, saying it was too messy and would be ineffective unless we cleaned it out and payed extra.  After he left, I called the company and told them I was not happy with that man’s service and explained how he tried to overcharge us.  The manager apologized and offered to have a different man come out, but I declined. After a few weeks and no luck when it came to killing our pests, I called to have our service canceled for good.   Since we canceled, we’ve received 45 calls pretty much begging us to be their customers again, saying they’d do anything to change our minds. They even had the nerve to use a scare tactic. See, we’re buying a brand new home out in the country.  When we told them that, they said we should go ahead and set up a new contract for our new home, saying that there is a bad pest problem out in the area we’re moving in. When we declined, they said, “ok….but be careful not to pack up any of those brown recluse spiders, or you’ll be infested and sorry!!”

All I know is now I’m worried as far as that spray is concerned. Since I’ve read the complaints on your web site, I’ve seen that spray isn’t as safe as I was told. They told me you’d have to literally take a bath in it before it could hurt you.  Now I wonder if it has anything to do with two of our dogs losing all their hair, their skin becoming infected and crusty, and then, them dying. Not to mention what it could have done to my daughter or my unborn baby.

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