I had Terminix tent my house about ten years ago.  After the work was performed, I purchased a termite guarantee and renewed it each year for about eight years. I called about five times to have a service representative come out and check my house where I had seen droppings. Each time, I was told they were old droppings. I let the guarantee lapse November 30, 2001.  I then had a couple of other pest control companies come to give me an estimate on tenting my house.  They agreed I had termites, and they have been in the house for quite some time.  I also called Terminix for an estimate and stated I was unhappy that the guarantee was not acknowledged while under guarantee.  I was told they would give me a special price to tent my house since I had been a long time guarantee holder. When their representative did not show up for the scheduled appointment, I called to see when he would arrive. I was told he was running late and another person would be sent.  An employee of Terminix arrived about 5:30, looked around, and said I had a bad case of infestation.  He said he would go back to their headquarters and check out the computer then give me an estimate to tent. I never heard from him again, so I called the San Diego, CA, manager (Norma).  It was during the holidays last year. I called for Norma again, and she was on vacation. I called again, and she was busy and never returned my call.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.