Manchester, New Hampshire

I too am amazed that the BBB reports nothing against Terminix.  I retained their services for carpenter ants in 2001. During their inspection a small area of old termite damage was discovered, (no live termites). I got their pest control and Sentricon contracts. They did, within six months, locate the source of the ants, and were alright for the first two years of the contract. I too wasn’t happy about the inspections becoming quarterly, but as long as there were no insects, fine. Year three was quite different. The inspector, who used to call the evening before coming, stopped doing it. I’m home days, and on three occasions saw him pull into my driveway, leave a slip of paper about what he’d done, i.e. nothing, and leave. I called and complained. Their branch manager said he’d “look into it.” Three months later, same thing.  Next time a new employee came out, the old one no longer worked for the company, (smart guy), and did the job right, but they billed me despite the fact that my annual contract was still running.  I called and complained to the local branch and was assured it was a clerical error, and that the bill would be removed.  I requested written confirmation of that, and surprise, surprise, I never got it. Three months later the new guy comes out and does his job, and the paper he leaves indicates that I owe more yet.  I called the local branch office and left several messages for the manager, and no one ever called back.  Does this all sound familiar? Finally I went to their website to complain and someone called me back to say that they’d be happy to cancel my pest control and send proof that I owed nothing, which, surprisingly enough, they did.  I’d asked at the time if there was another local franchise who might take over from their Manchester NH office. They said no.  I believe they were just glad to be rid of me. I was never one of the few customers who called for numerous extra service calls either.  Bottom line is that I will never sign an extended contract with anyone, nor will I in the future retain the services of any company that’s afraid to make sure I’m home to see what they do.  Terminix should spend more on looking after their customers and less on slick advertising.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.