I inherited service for termites from my parents when I moved into one of their rent houses. They were supposed to come once per year to inspect for termites but it usually got brushed off or they showed up when we were not around. I was having trouble with ants on the patio so one of the times they did actually come inspect for termites, I went ahead and had them spray the house for bugs. They said they would come once per quarter and could cancel anytime I wanted. Weeks later I still had ants so I called the person who gave me their card (Jacob W.). No answer and he didn’t return my call. after several days, he did answer and I told him I still had ants and he informed me that wasn’t his territory any more and hung up. I finally got through to the main company, no small feat by the way, and told them I wanted to cancel. She said they would really like a chance to make it right but that I could cancel if I really wanted to. I let them come out but it didn’t take care of the ants. I had service people call me when they were on the way to the house, no appointment. Show up with no appointment, and even go to the wrong house! All the while, I had the service changed over to my name and number and 8 months later they still had their records wrong. I talked to them again today and they still called me Rebecca! I have been trying to cancel the service now since January and they said I had a contract and they would charge me an early cancellation fee. I did not sign a contract and Jacob W said I could cancel at any time. The company took no responsibility what so ever. The local office blames it on the national office and the national office blames it on the local office. I tried to cancel again in May and and got to a person who said since I paid the bill they sent me in April that they would cancel my account and I would not be charged any more. I got another bill in May and another in June. When I call his number, I now get the corporate office . Bottom line, I just had to pay another $120 so they would stop calling me, by the wrong name, and cancel my service. We will see if I get another bill but I am now on a campaign to stop anyone from ever calling Terminix again!!!

Submitted by Melanie E Carden-Jessen from Springfield

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.