Critical: Professionalism, Quality
Terminex called when my contract was up for renewal however I told them at the time I was not able to renew it. A few days later they had taken the money out of my account. I called multiple times and requested a refund. Two weeks later still no refund and when I called the service manager HUNTER he had promised me everything would be taken care of. That he got the OK to get a reimbursement of the money they took out of my account. Two weeks later I still haven’t received a check or credit to my checking account. I called again and I was told that there was a credit to the account for the money they took out. I told I didn’t understand why they would credit an account that was canceled. That’s when they told me the account and contract had not been canceled Then they said in order for me to get a refund I need to speak to the service manager. I told them I spoke with HUNTER extensively about the situation. Customer service said there was nothing they could do until I spoke with a service manager and that would have to wait until Monday if I could get through to somebody.

With all of this happening Terminex said they would send somebody out to inspect the house for free because of all the problems and phone calls and aggravation I’ve been going through. That has not been done. I am still waiting for a credit of over 200 dollars with no guarantee of getting it.

Also to add to this during the contract last year they came to ‘inspect’ and told me everything was fine however upon looking into the eaves we found a hornet’s nest. We bought long distance spray to kill them ourselves which was difficult since it was second story eave above the window

I know this is a long winded review however I just want people to understand what goes on behind the scenes that when things do go wrong they don’t make any effort to make it right. I have spoken with at least seven people which is completely unnecessary.

Be careful when signing up and do not have automatic payments taken out. Do not let them keep your credit card or checking account number on file.

I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else and hopefully this review will give people some insight on when there is something not right, that you struggle to get help.

Submitted by Robin from Walden ny

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