I have something crawling around in my attic and walls. I’ve been a Terminex customer for years. So I called and the wildlife inspector came out. When he was thru he stated that we had Norway rats. He said they were 12 to 14 inches long and another 12 or so inch tail. Freaked me out so I immediately signed up. While signing I asked if he had seen one. He said no but he could tell by the poop what it was. Well I started looking on line and u can tell what u have by the poop but not how big it is. He firmly stated they were that big. He did not say they grew to be that big or they may be that big. He also assured me someone would call me that Day. He also said they could do it on Monday or Tuesday. No call so called him Monday morning to let him know nobody had called. He said he would take care of it that day. No phone call for appointment nor a follow up from him. I canceled contract. He straight up lied to my face. I had another wildlife service come out blind and inspect. He said it was coons. Didn’t say a word about rats. He put a camera under there and it’s a mama raccoon. No rats. Today they were gonna do my mosquito spray. This is a different guy. I told him wait til after it quits raining. He texted me back and said wish u had texted me before today. That struck me wrong so I texted him and said I was a customer and that was a smart ass thing to say. I am now questioning my quarterly pest service. Also called and wanted to speak to the person who is over Tony ( the wildlife guy who lied to me.) customer service said he would have him call me. This was the next Friday and they said he would contact me at the latest by Monday. No call. I made it perfectly clear that man Tony was not to call me or set foot on my property. I don’t take being lied to well.

Submitted by Teresa Wherley from Hot springs ar

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.