I have had 2 properties with the “ultimate protection plan” for termites and pests, one since 2013 and the other 2016. The billing gets confused between the two properties consistently. They also call either the day before an appt. or they call when already sitting in the driveway to “schedule”. Several times they call about one property and then show up at the other one.

This winter we had about 2 feet of snow. On both properties- over 2 quarters- (this a total of 4 billings) they arrived and serviced the properties. The only problem is there was no disturbed snow around the back or side of either property. So they billed me for 100% service, but only accessed 1/4 of the property. They left receipts, all 4 times showing that the service was completed.

I called customer service- they told me it is my responsibility as a customer to know that they did not actually do what they billed me for, and to call and reschedule the visits.

The property covered since 2013 has a fence in the backyard- I was just told today by their customer service that the technicians are not permitted to enter a fence if the customer is not home due to pet concerns. As I have only met the technician three times since 2013- this means that half my property has not been getting quarterly service.

I do not recommend this company. They bill for services not rendered; and then find a reason to justify it with company policy. Go with a local exterminator.

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Submitted by D from Mt. Arlington

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