I had my house treated a few months ago and the people was real.nice . There is a terminex employee that libe 4 houses up from me and we can’t even see each others homes . My husband runs a small engine repair out of our back yard . And his cousin that has lived in the neighborhood 40 + years comes down and helps in the yard and helps my husband fix things . Well they have two little mini bikes they will ride back and forth to each other homes . We have never met the terminex guy I couldn’t even tell you his name he yells at them.going down the road he stalks my house I will come out with my hrandxhi and there he is in his terminex truck just watching my house . This man has told.lies after lies on my.husband and cousin he told my husband’s cousins father they was breaking into houses at 2 am.in the morning. First off if there was any break Ins my husband’s cousin and father would be the first to hear about it since they been here 40 + years and he told the man there’s been no break in s In this neighborhood in a long time . And he needed to come up with a better story than that . There are several people that ride there mini bikes up and down the road mopeds golf carts etc.. the teenagers like to go back in the woods and ride the trails . Nobody has ever complained until now he really has it out for them and doesn’t even know them . I have made a personal complaint to terminex anout him because he is stalking us in a terminex work truck. And I have made a complaint to Lexington County police department they are the ones who told me to complain to terminex as well . This man has caused me so much stress that I don’t even know . I know just as much about him as he knows about me which is nothing . I have leukemia and other health problems I don’t need the stress of some terminex guy stalking my home and making up lies about my family when he doesn’t know us . So if I would of known terminex hires crazy people like this I never would of even hired them to treat my home .it seems he would be trying to give his company a good name instead of stalking people in there company vehicles. They need to do something about this guy ..

Submitted by Heather taylor from west Columbia

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.