I really cany complain about the pay, I make around 54k a year and work about 30-35 hours a week, but what I can complain about is the horrendous way terminix cares about its employees and more specifically its customers. Without going into too much detail I found a way to manipulate terminix metrics to achieve the desired outcome with my pay., so needless to say my experience is far from normal. A lot of my coworkers are screwed over monthly by terminix and I consider myself as having one of the best service managers in the company. The osp’s and sales/ branch mgrs are the worst. Their only drive is money bo matter the cost.on multiple occassions they harass my customers to spend more money on needless extras. Often times being lied to about magic solutions to their normal pest problems that will cost thousands of dollars extra. The new angle of terminix during tue pandemic is that we aren’t just a pest control company anymore we are. Iw basically contractors…pushing insulation removal and install, gutter caps, attic hatch building and foundation vents, among many other stupid things. The upper management is a complete joke and only care about their own personal metrics so the people above them dont yell at them. It’s basically a trickle down effect. Tje people at the top dont know anything about pest control or customer service but do k ow about squeezing every last cent out of their customers and all of their policies are forced down the ladder until they inevitably get fired with a multimillion dollar severance package and then its onto the next moron with a bunch of new dumb policies and metrics….I could go on forever but this company is garbage just like most of the other big name businesses out there. If you legitimately want to work in this field, work for a smaller local outfit. You wont make as much at first but at least you’ll have your soul intact….mic drop…CW out

Submitted by C from Lancaster

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.