I don’t normally do this but I have had enough and just need to rant. Sometime you have to BASH a business to get something done. We paid a lot of money back in March 2020 for an exclusion policy with Terminix in Birmingham, we were over run with mice!! They came out took our money and put some SOS pads in some cracks of the house, laid down some glue strips and left. Came back in May and handed my wife some more glue strips and left. I have been getting 6-10 Mice a month since. Today I collected 6. That is 6 months later. They are getting in some place. I am furious. We have been calling them for the past 3 months and they will not call us back nor respond to emails. DO NOT deal with this company they are rip off. We have requested a refund for our service and no one will talk to us. They have even gotten ugly and hung up on us today several times. So much for a satisfaction guarantee, that means nothing today. End of rant.

Submitted by D from Pell City, AL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.