Murfreesboro, Tennessee

I had a contract with Terminix from September  2004 to September 2005.  The service representive NEVER once explained to me or to my husband that the contract automatically renewed itself unless I called or wrote.  I received a bill for December of 2005.  I know $83.00 may not seem like much to Terminix, but I promise you this. As a business woman, I will need my rental property sprayed again in July and December of 2006.  Terminix will absolutely NOT be called for any reason because of the neglience of the service representives.  I also called Terminix last month about the bill; the lady never bothered to tell me about the contract automatically renewing itself.  She simply said she’d have her supervisor call me the next day…that was a month ago.  I called again today and talked with a lady named Kristy who at least told me about the automatic renewal deal; once again I was told her supervisor would call.  I am not holding my breath. I was also told that my property would be sprayed  inside and outside.  I was to be called the day before so I could inform my tenants so Terminix could gain access to the property.  IT WAS WRITTEN ON THE CONTRACT.  I was called twice at the most.  Otherwise, the duplex was NEVER sprayed inside as was my agreement per the contract.  I’m totally unhappy with Terminix.  If Terminix expects customers to abide by the contract they should do the same.

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