The initial contract with Terminix Intl. was for proper removal and replacement of attic insulation in my home. In June of 2020 Al Ortiz, representative of Terminix – Morris County branch, was sent to my home for an inspection and sales consultation. The services were explained to me in person as the following 4 steps:
1.) Bagging in attic and removal of existing fiberglass insulation rolls for disposal
2.) Sanitization of the attic from prior infestation of mice, etc. before new insulation
3.) Filling of any cracks, crevices, or points of entry for future pest or rodents before new insulation
4.) New Terminix insulation to be installed professionally (pieces not rolls – method not specified)

The outcome of the services that day were as follows:
• Step 1: Insulation not properly bagged in the attic from garage, dining or kitchen attic
• Insulation piled onto personal items in garage. Direct inclusion of new lawn mower, Christmas tree in box w/ open top, rolled up interior carpet, and surround sound stereo equipment.
• Dust clouds resulting in my garage and home, which settled and contaminated all areas
• Step 2: Neither attic spaces sanitized following removal
• Step 3: No action to fill/address any entry points or areas of concern for pests/rodents prior to new install
• Step 4: New insulation blown in from a truck – shredded pieces and particles (not actual pieces as described) covering all joists, electrical, and A/C units in the attic
• Subsequently the particles entered the remainder of my home and continue to this current day to fall like light snow through my recessed lighting, duct work and air intakes.
• Further irreversible damage was done to wood furniture when Lysol wipes were used to wipe some of the dust off after I complained to the job supervisor and voiced my concerns.
The amount charged (and I am tirelessly disputing) is $4,691.50 inclusive of the tax. To be clear, the contract was done in person at my home via conversation with Al Ortiz back in June and the signatures were produced electronically on a dark screened tablet pad. No specifics were viewable at that time. My debit card was provided at the time for the pre-authorization. Later copies of the docs were sent to me via email.
To say that the job was not complete is an understatement. I have made more than several attempts to contact management of all levels within Terminix and have had not a single reply. My attempts have spanned months at this point. What they did was wrong and I have read reviews of others (after the fact) that have too shared this kind of experience. Once the dispute is resolved I intend to contact BBB and see this complaint through to hopefully save another victim from their scam.

Submitted by T from Montville, NJ

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