Gillette, Wyoming

We called the Terminix company and asked if they spray for bed bugs. They did so we agreed to have them service our apartment.  They inspected our apartment, not very good I might add. The inspector just took a look in one corner and said “OK.”  We’ll be back tomorrow at 9 a.m.  He told us to wash all our things.  We then asked if he took an out-of-state check of if he preferred cash.  He said he preferred cash, but he’ll look into the out-of-state check.  We decided it would be best to pay cash to save him the hassle. We did ALL of our laundry and took everything out.  We had placed everything in bags and put them in our living room.  He came back the next morning and looked in then he said, “You’re supposed to take everything out, out of the apartment.” We looked at him and said well why didn’t you tell us that? We just spent $100 washing everything at the laundromat. We called the Terminix office, and they agreed to spray with our stuff still in the apartment, even though we told them we could reschedule. They were pretty persistent on coming the next day and even guaranteed us a free 2nd spray if our problem did not end. So we agreed and were ready the next day with cash in hand.  We paid the two men dressed in protection jumpers $65 in cash and asked that they leave a receipt. They agreed.  When we got back to inspect our apartment, there was no receipt to be seen. So we called the office right away and asked why we did not receive a receipt. They told us that they would bring us the receipt the next time they came to spray our house. We agreed and set up an appointment for two weeks later. The next week the guy who sprayed our apartment came to our door and asked about the bugs, I told him that there were still a few, because we had got bitten.  He then confirmed the appointment for the following week.  When the day came for our 2nd spray, we called because there was bad weather and was wondering if they were still going to come out and spray or if we had to make another appointment.  The office said that they we’re still going to come out and spray.  No one showed up. We called the next morning and asked why.  The office said we didn’t pay them for the first spray. We said. that we paid cash and even asked for a receipt. So she agreed to talk to the guys who came to our house. They said we tried to pay with a check but took it back and didn’t give him any cash. (Note: Where we paid the man there is a security camera.)  They then told us that they didn’t know who to believe, the employee or us the customer.  So we then proceeded to ask for services if we then paid again. She said that they could no longer service us because we didn’t pay the first time. But she would do us a favor and cancel our bill of $50. “$50.00! We paid $65.00.” They then gave us a number for Orkin.  We are now in the process of obtaining the security tape.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.