Hello all,
One of their representative who his name is; Chandler Kirkpatrick came to us on 27-June-2020 with a piece of paper and explained us what they did gor our next neighbor. He have us one time fee amount information which is $119.00 and I accepted his offer for one time service and gave him my personal check. He didn’t leave any information such as his business card or any receipt. 29-June-2020 company’s technician came and completed a very basic job. I got email from Terminix with an agreement and realized he forced me to sign an annual agreement and they’re going to charge $714.00. I called to the company and talked with 3 different person and they hold me couple of times. It took 59 minutes. The reason why I called them to cancel that unfair agreement which I didn’t signed it for annual service but after 59 minutes they didn’t cancel it. They told me that, they’re going to charge me $99.00 early cancellation fee and even I accepted that (which is unfair because I signed it only two days ago and their reps didn’t tell us about annual fee) but they still didn’t cancel it. She said, local branch will contact me for cancellation. I asked her to send me an email with proof of cancellation or give me a case number but she refused. Now I’m waiting Terminix local branch (from Gulf shore, AL) call. Terminix totally swindled us!

Submitted by JH from Daphne, AL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.