Nightmare became with my first scheduled appointment. I was running late and called they said no problem. They weren’t there and never showed up. Figured maybe they just decided to reschedule. Called and the said they would be there again but again never showed up. Tried one last time. No show. I called to have two apartments sprayed for roaches and mice. Decided to do it myself.

Then the bills started coming (to the wrong address). When I checked the mail at the apartment I had received 3 bills. I was informed I was under commercial contract – I disagreed but for months they kept coming out. Called every month and advised them I will never pay since they never came to take care of the problem. On one call they emailed me a work order showing the sprayed for brown spiders – hilarious.

NOW my bill is $520 and guess what? Still not getting a dime. Still waiting on my signed contract they claim they have and about 12 supervisor callbacks.

Guess I’ll let an attorney handle it?

Submitted by Derek Shillcox from Vallejo Ca

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