i had a pest problem and apparently a bed bug problem from some furniture i had received from a neighbor. i called terminex in august 2019 and almost immediately a technician came out to do an inspection. stated my service was $1300 and all i had to do was just put my clothes in bags. So i paid the $1300 out of pocket no financing. two days later another technician came out to treat and he stated that i had to take everything out (i.e. clothes that were in the bags, empty drawers and closets, and take everything out of my kitchen cabinets) and place them in bags and boxes in the garage until the treatments are complete. he stated this will take up to a few weeks before i see a decrease in the pests. He also told me that they will be back in 10 days to check the status and spray again if need be. he put the covers over my mattresses in the bedrooms and stated that he will be back once i have cleared everything out. he ended up sitting in my driveway for about 30 minutes with his feet dangling out of the window while he was on the phone before he left. He came back two days later to treat and he came in with a small spray can that says bed bugs and one that says roaches. he stated that we had to be out of the house for two hours and i had to put my dog outside. so i put my dog outside and i told him to lock up after he is done. I left and came back about 5 to 10 minutes later because i forgot my drivers license and this man was gone. i work from home and no one came back out after this visit. NO ONE. i waited the 10 days and called back. i was told the local office was going to call me to schedule the visit and no one called. as a single mother of three i got extremely busy and some weeks went by before i realized i never got a call. i called back in October and was told the same thing. the local office will call me. i never received a call. i ended up getting rid of my mattresses (even in the rooms that were not affected just to be sure) and my couch that was affected with bed bugs. i also ended up having to have someone else come and treat my pest problem because it had gotten worst over the weeks after terminex came out. Within a few days my pest problem declined and now two weeks later i only see stragglers. I called terminex again 11/1/19 to cancel my contract and to receive a refund because of services not rendered. Again the local office was going to call me back. Over this past weekend a technician pulled up at my house stating he was there to spray the outside. after i told him all this he said he will get to the local office and have them call me. On yesterday 11/18/19 i called again and asked to speak to someone in charge who can help me and i got a Stacy. she stated that she will directly email the local office and get back to me. well she called me today 11/19/19 and told me that they were not going to refund me because the local office stated they have work orders of services rendered. after i explained to her this was a lie. she just kept stating how sorry she was. $1300 wasted and they state they can not do anything to give me my money. I dont recommend this company to anyone. especially this local office here in Stockbridge GA. i dont have money to take them to small claims court and this has pissed me off. this is supposed to be a giant company with 100% customer guarantee and they are some frauds and liars. i hope this helps anyone to not waste their time or money especially when you are paying them upfront for services.

Submitted by Brandi Young from Stockrbidge, GA

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