I got my initial service sometime in the beginning of July 2019. The scheduling with this Newburgh location is a hassle. For the initial service I got a confirm appt for a Monday and they call a day before service after I took off of work to tell me they can’t show and they are over booked. To be honest the initial service was great tech was good. Now we come into the next issue which is the follow up which would be for August, got a confirmed appointment for the 16th there was a no show so I called terminix and said that my appointment had been moved to August 23. Of course I took a day off for that as well. So I wanted to get in touch with the manger after several attempts (with going thru customer service, which they have no clue as to what’s going on at all nor could the get in contact with them). Finally I spoke to Eric the manger and told him the whole situation and ask for some type of compensation due to missing several days of work due to no shows and rescheduling all he could say nonchalantly that he would make sure I would be the first appt of the day! I’m over it

Submitted by Brooke Tippit from Middletown, Ny

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