I have used Terminix in the past and have been very pleased and as recent as a few weeks ago met the sweetest and funniest Tech who helped us with one of our houses… he was great and I asked him if he went outside the city limits of Tampa because We have houses all over. Unfortunately for us, he said he does it closer to him home. So we still called and scheduled 3 appointments for 3 different properties and the girl on the phone asked me to repeat myself only 10x for each property because her computer kept acting up. (This should have been a warning sign, but she confirmed all 3 appointments so I was ok). Well that was a mistake on my part because things went downhill after the first appointment when the tech couldn’t get a hold of his manager to approve a 3 month service because he didn’t know if he could because it was either 1 time or quarterly, I explained that I am a residential redeveloper and I only have most of my houses for 3-6 months when they are being renovated then I sell them. He called back and said If they can’t cover the holes up themselves then they wouldn’t do the trappings… well last year they had no problem doing it but all of a sudden they do… umm ok. So on to the next place I went no one showed up or called so I called and complained and they scheduled a new time without even talking to me and I told them that I was disappointed and unhappy with their dealings so far and cancelled the new appointment they set but confirmed the 3rd appointment and everything was fine but what wasn’t the case either… I called 30 minutes before their deadline and they said the appointment was never made that it was only noted in the account… so now I have been waiting for them for 5 hours… I told them that’s fine I’ll get a different company… I wasted my entire day on this BS… it’s like no one knows what an appointment is.. like what kind of a business is this??? I wouldn’t recommend them!

Submitted by Farah Gaston from Lakeland Fl

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.