The Evil Empire is what it known in household. After being a Tech for over 5 plus years. Not a happy chapter in my book of life. 1st. Walked in on a Monday to start training was told to watch some video’s and read the green binders. Later that afternoon I was informed I’d be taking the test for my certs and bring $30. Are you kidding me! Well I passed. Split the tests with the guy I went with. He had only been there a week. Some much for training. Went out that week started doing stops. I guess they wanted see me sink or swim. I guess the years of surfing paid off, I swam. I had no clue what I was doing for about the first year. Then 4 months later the service mgr. quit to start his own Pest control company. The only way I found out was by a customer who I called to do his service the next day. To say the least he got let go the next day. That hurt, went from a 20K route a month to less than 8K. But back I took on The Evil Empire and Won! And Won Big! I got every tech in CA. a check. Which was my goal. Got to go to Maui on their dime! We took them on how you’re paid, Lunch breaks, Overtime and misc. other stuff. If you thing your getting hosed call a good lawyer.the kicker is, after all the bs you go thru with Company I decide to see how long I could last before they got tired of my act. One day The branch Mgr. asked me “If I fired you today, who would you call.” Without missing a beat “MY LAWYER!” Sure enough it happened. Walked out the door and it felt like a big giant weight was lifted off my shoulder. I was making 50K a year. Good money, but no home time.
Only out of work for week, Then followed ex-service mrg. example and went a raiding. Did rather well at it. I can still hear the screaming when I’d fax another lost customer I raided. But first you have to understand it’s a numbers game to Terminix. It’s start’s at the top and run’s down and the Tech is low man on the totem pole.I’m not kidding. Once I didn’t do a new job, because they didn’t want the service. It happens. Well the Sale Mgr. Had a fit, wrote a C.S.R. report. But I beat it the rap. Wining argument was who is the M.V.P. in the company? Sale. Wrong answer. It’s the Tech. Why unless I treat a home with chemical. we don’t get paid. Sale’s can write all they want. Nothing going to happen Until the Tech does something!
Tech’s in CA a few back I took on The Evil Empire and Won! Let me repeat that, Tech’s in CA a few

Submitted by C from Ontario,Ca

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.