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One Texas Homeowner’s Story: Short and Sweet

Here at, we receive so many stories from people who have been hurt by Terminix or people who have worked for the company and want to tell us what it was like. People submit stories about horrible pest infestations, unfair work practices, botched repairs, and more. We have seen or heard it all.

But can a submission to be a complaint, tell a story, and be funny all at once? Houston, Texas, native Eugene Acly has given us just that with his recent post to our site.


Mr. Acly’s story is one where the solution turned out to be worse than the problem. Imagine that!

Has Terminix made a tough situation worse for you? You can share your story with us.

Of Mice and Moles . . . a Homeowner Caught in Terminix’s Trap.

Recently, Dawn Moore of Willingboro, New Jersey, reached out to with a story to share with us. Her tale begins with the discovery of mice in her home, but what follows is what many of us know as the tricks of Terminix’s trade.

Dawn tells us:

“My husband at the time saw a mouse in the master bathroom. When he told, me I was terrified. I never lived with mice and always said I never will.

So I called Terminix.

They came out the next day. The guy was very nice, did the estimate and then the next guy came out the next day to do the service. After he did the service with the traps and patching up holes, we never saw anything else . . .until exactly 8 months later.”

After discovering more evidence of mice, Dawn went back to the people who were supposed to help her.

“I called Terminix and got someone on the line, but she was looking for my account for 10-15 whole minutes and couldn’t find it. And then she hung up on me and never called me back. After seeing naughty stories I understand why I was treated the way I was. I found out when the guy came the first time, he forged my signature for a two-year contract that I never agree to. Once I found that out via an email I received I called Terminix and they canceled that and gave me my money back. I was wondering why all these hunks of money were coming out of my account. Actually it was a quarterly service.

They were liars, and they are cheaters. They seem so nice once they come to your house but they have an agenda to get more money for themselves and the company. I also have a mole issue in my yard and they convinced me to sign up for two-year contract. Once I signed up for that contract,I called and they will come out and put these worms in the ground. And they were only allowed to put a certain amount of worms that did not even cover my backyard. I’m like this is defeating the purpose. Then another Terminix guy came out and said both the neighbors on the sides of me need the contract as well because they have moles too. I said well I wasted my money, and he just looked like “yes, you did” and left. I called and cancelled that contract because that was $956. Such a waste of time, such a waste of money.”

We hear from folks like Dawn a lot around here. Has Terminix wasted your time and money? We would love to hear your story.

Terminix Storytime: the 12 Magic Words

Terminix Storytime: the 12 Magic Words or How Knowing 12 Words From the Termite Code Exposed Terminix’s Current Massive Claim Denial Fraud (and Shut Down Terminix’s National Claims Director)

Terminix has a guy who decides whether your claim gets paid.

Actually, Terminix pays this fellow to come up with the bogus reasons Terminix won’t/can’t pay your claim. His job is to trick you into thinking that your claim is not covered. In fact, Terminix’s guy was so good at tricking customers as a Terminix manager along the Gulf Coast that Terminix put him in charge of denying termite claims nationwide.

Terminix’s National Claims Director is Jeff Curtis. As claims-squasher-in-chief, Mr. Curtis rolled into a June 19, 2020, arbitration trial in Mobile, AL, with an air of distinct self-assuredness. His chest was puffed out like Barney Fife on those old episodes of Andy Griffith when Barney thought his intellect had allowed him to out-wit those around him.

Mr. Curtis declared with confidence that Terminix had validly denied a homeowner’s claim for $3,000,000 because the new owner was not entitled to transfer of the prior owner’s termite damage repair bond. Curtis explained that a clause in Terminix’s form agreement says the buyer must request a bond transfer before the property sells. This was his excuse for Terminix denying the claim for a home that had been destroyed by termites while under bond with the pest control giant.

Barney is on the case!

Since many folks do not see their inspection report until just before closing – or often at closing – it usually means the family has minutes or a day during one of the scariest and busiest times of their lives to make a transfer demand. Plus, we all know Terminix does not even allow customers to call the branch that services their account. So demanding that transfer to comply with this tricky clause is next to impossible.

At the trial, Tom Campbell Campbell Law made Curtis reaffirm that this is Terminix’s practice several times. Each time Mr. Curtis became more vociferous in his position that the clause was valid and justified; so much so that he ultimately became frustrated. Mr. Curtis declared that there was nothing wrong with Terminix’s denial of the claim for this reason (the sketchy transfer reason). Why was there nothing wrong? Because Terminix does it all the time!

That was the point when “Termite Tom” Campbell pointed Curtis to a clause required by Alabama’s state Termite Code on all presale inspection reports. Mr. Curtis scoffed that he knew the Code. 

In fact, he bragged that he also wore “another hat for Terminix” as their Regulatory Liaison. That means Curtis is the guy who is supposed to know the regulations so well that he can argue not only with lawyers  but also with the regulators themselves about how the state code should be interpreted and applied.

And just what was the clause Campbell made him read? 

Jeff Curtis, Terminix’s Guy

The clause – part of Alabama’s Termite Code – says that a consumer has the absolute legal right to demand that an existing bond transfers to the buyer up to and including the date that the current bond expires.

Like Griffith’s Barney when his bravado gets exposed as bluster, Curtis wilted with humiliation. His shoulders curled-in. He looked to the Terminix lawyers with the obvious hope that they had some way out for him. They just stared in disappointment at their “star witness” who had just blown-up the only defense of Terminix’s scam that the lawyers had been able to muster.

Curtis had just blown the case wide open by admitting that Terminix had cheated many more families than only the plaintiffs in the case being tried.

This all-too-true story proves two important points that a Terminix victim should consider. First, Terminix’s highest officials will cheat you if they can, and you should be suspicious of any reason they give to limit or deny your claim. Second, you should not go up against them without having an experienced lawyer on your side who handles termite damage claims all the time and who knows the nooks and crannies of the Termite Code like the back of their hand.

At this trial, Campbell Law had four of its lawyers scouring the record during trial. When Mr. Curtis made up this illegal excuse for denying the claim, Campbell said he saw the three other lawyers stiffen. He explained, “I was happy for the client of course but also happy to see that our rigorous training had paid off. Each of our lawyers knew the witness had admitted a scam that had the six billion dollar company caught in an inescapable trap.”

Campbell Law PC has offices in Mobile and Birmingham, Alabama, and Campbell Law associates with licensed lawyers in other states to help victims nationwide. You can reach the termite team toll free at 877-586-7582 or

Terminix Employee, a Concerned Father, Tells about Toxic Work Environment at Terminix

Current and former Terminix employees often contact to reveal the unfair working conditions, share the unethical business practices, and more. In this time of uncertainty, it appears Terminix still cares less about their people than it does their bottom line.

On the condition of anonymity, a Terminix employee working in New England contacted us and shared his story. We’ll call him “JC.” From what he tells us, the way Terminix has approached their employees during the COVID-19 crisis seems to threaten their financial security, their wellness, and their job security.

Photo by L. Arning (Unsplash)

“How about how Terminix can tell us we are not getting our raise on April 1st as promised (it’s been frozen until October 1st) during the covid-19 pandemic, when families are especially stressed financially? Technicians are told to come to work and do the exterior service whether or not the customer approves it. We are so-called “essential.” Preventative pest control. Really? Some pest control, I agree, is essential, but preventative, I don’t think so.

Then there’s the stress of walking into homes, not knowing what you’re going to come in contact with, because not all the jobs are exterior. And Terminix is going to say, sorry your wife or husband is not working right now, but we can’t afford at this time to provide you a maximum of 2% increase in your paycheck. I work in an office all day. Thank goodness for sanitizing wipes to wipe down the door knob every time someone goes in and out. Oh wait, I ordered them but they’re on backorder and who knows when they’ll come in.

Not to mention, just before my son’s doctor ordered my son get tested for covid-19, my immediate supervisor said to me and I quote, “Just between you and me, anyone who goes out for this pandemic, it will count against them.” Hmmm.. I wonder how this will affect me? On our monthly meeting via phone, the first thing out

of his mouth is soon this whole Corona thing will be over and we’ll all look back and say, “wow did we overreact!”

This is just the most evil company I’ve ever worked for. I’ll be looking for a new job while in isolation waiting for my son’s results. Don’t get a job here.”

Are you a good employee treated poorly by Terminix? Are you a good person who was asked to do questionable things by the company? Do you have a story like JC’s that exposes Terminix? We’re listening. Tell us here.


Photo by Liam Arning on Unsplash

Terminix: a History of Fraud, a Forecast of Trouble

ServiceMaster’s Newest Remedial Proposal Will Likely Create More Liability Issue for ServiceMaster and Terminix, says Campbell Law, P.C.

To try to curb its future termite damage claims problems, ServiceMaster reported to its shareholders that it had implemented several remedial programs at Terminix.

At that time, Tom Campbell, president and founder of Campbell Law P.C., a consumer fraud law firm in Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama, stated his opinion that “these so-called ‘remedial programs’ would create additional legal problems” as it relates to TMX’s termite damage claims. 

Campbell first noted that Terminix’s “contention that Formosan activity was limited to Mobile and Baldwin County because of the weather or unique soil conditions is simply not true – as there is nothing unique to Mobile and Baldwin County when compared to many other areas across the Gulf states.”

“Second, hiring a claims agent that is under TMX’s control: 1) to masquerade as a third-party administrator; 2) to deny legitimate repair estimates; or, 3) to force customers to sign full releases before any repair work has even begun, much less before it is finished, is not a legally permissible way to reduce home warranty claims,” reported Campbell. 

Photograph of Termite Damage in home under TMX Contract

“Finally,” Campbell opined, “TMX’s targeting of thousands of customers in Mobile and Baldwin County with drastic renewal rate increases to run these customers off was just using one wrongful act to cover up another alleged fraud.” 

At the rolled out these drastic rate increases, Campbell warned that this so-called “fix” was likely a deceptive trade practice violation in and of itself, and that the ploy would draw the attention of the State’s Attorney General and local District Attorneys.  

According to Campbell, “TMX’s perceived cover-up has done just that.”  

“Now,” states Campbell, “from a purely legal standpoint, the real question is whether and to what extent a DTPA lawsuit will be handled out of Montgomery as opposed to locally, and, to what extent will government lawyers request or get assistance from attorneys with decades of experience dealing with termite litigation.”   

According to Campbell, “SERV is preparing to implement yet another ‘remedial program,’ focused again on Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama. It is said that SERV will be turning Mobile and Baldwin County into its own ‘Region,’ to be run by TMX employee, Clint Downing, with the lofty goal of retreating approximately 17,000 homes in Mobile and Baldwin County by year’s end.” 

As a lawyer who has focused essentially his entire practice on termite services litigation, Campbell opines that “[e]ven if purchasing a fleet of service trucks and hiring, training, and supervising hundreds of new employee were not a technical and logistical nightmare, from a consumer protection standpoint, such a ‘remedial program’ would likely create even more liability issues for TMX in the long run.”   

According to Campbell, “this would only highlight the fact that, rather than fixing its customers’ incomplete or worn off barriers, TMX chose instead to run off as many customers as possible. Now, retreating only the homes of those remaining customers with the financial wherewithal to survive TMX’s blatant assault makes the problem worse from a legal standpoint for TMX, not better.”

“I believe that only retreating the homes that TMX hasn’t runoff would be viewed as conceding what I have been saying for years – that TMX has consciously put ALL of its customers at risk of catastrophic termite damages, not just those in Mobile and Baldwin County,” Campbell opines.

Finally, Campbell notes that, “if implemented, TMX’s new remedial program will beg the questions: 1) How and when is TMX going to fix and replace incomplete and worn off barriers for ALL of its customers across Alabama, including those who were wrongfully run off?; and 2) When will TMX fix and replace incomplete and worn off barriers in the other 47 states where it sold termite guarantees and promised to apply necessary chemicals free of charge for the life of the contract?”

If you have any concerns about the services provided under your termite prevention contract or a story to share about your experience with Terminix, contact a lawyer at Campbell Law, P.C. 

Campbell Law, P.C. has handled cases against Terminix and other pest control companies across the U.S. for over 20 years. Campbell Law was once again deemed one of the “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News and World Report. The firm currently has eight trial lawyers and a professional staff of paralegals, legal assistants, artists, and law clerks, who work almost exclusively on termite fraud cases. Contact them at 877-586-7582 or


Where to Find Help for A Termite Problem

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