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Mobile Sheriff Collecting Terminix Assets to Pay Widow Terminix Defrauded

Termite Tom Now in Possession of Terminix’s Mobile Area Computers after Sheriffs Raid Terminix and Seize Computers, Tablets, and Hard Drives

March 30, 2020 (Mobile, AL) EDITED: The following story has been edited to correct mistakes of fact. It’s a story that makes most decent folks shake their heads: a giant pest control company fails to protect the home of an elderly couple, refuses to make it right when their home is destroyed by termites, and then bullies the widow after her husband dies. The happy ending should  come when “Termite Tom” (Tom Campbell of Campbell Law PC) secures a $1.7 million judgment for the widow, but the kicker is the crooked company still refuses to pay.

This story is all too real. Terminix was found guilty of defrauding an elderly couple, they lost the appeal, and they still didn’t pay. While Terminix drug out the case, the elderly husband died. Terminix told the 82-year-old widow to take a terrible settlement offer and warned her that she might die without ever getting paid if she did not. Terminix’s lawyers threatened they would be “be aggressive” in all of the cases brought by Termite Tom, and they bragged that they would never pay a victim more than $1,000,000.

Mobile County Sheriffs removing assets from Terminix offices.

On Monday, March 30, the Mobile County Sheriff’s office served a writ of execution, which allowed it to seize computer equipment, hand-held devices, and other hard drives as a consequence of Terminix refusing to pay the final and binding arbitration award due to the widow.

As many in the Gulf Coast area know, Terminix has been under scrutiny for drastically raising its annual renewal premiums in an attempt to run off customers who might have potential claims against the pest control giant. According to Campbell, “This time Terminix has gone too far in refusing to pay the final judgment from an arbitration to an 80-year-old widow from Mobile.” 

“Terminix has raised a lot of powerful eyebrows by increasing annual renewal premiums – sometimes by tens of thousands of dollars,” says Campbell. “Rather than providing the services it promised to provide, was already paid to provide, and was sometimes ordered by the regulators to provide. Terminix chose instead to run off tens of thousands of customers in the area.” Campbell knows that exacting justice against Terminix for his elderly client will pave the way for justice for future homeowners harmed by Terminix.

According to Campbell, the Alabama Attorney General’s office has begun seeking information from Terminix and other sources regarding what is likely a violation of Alabama’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Campbell hopes Attorney General Marshall will not let Terminix abuse the tens of thousands of customers that the company abandoned: “My law firm has offered to help with these efforts in any way we can, provided that the relief sought makes whole every homeowner that Terminix cheated.”

The first of many seizures at Terminix offices across Alabama.

Termite Tom urges homeowners to encourage their local District Attorney and the Attorney General to use the full power of the law to protect the citizens of Alabama. He says, “Our elected officials have the responsibility to hold this multibillion-dollar company accountable, a company that, on many occasions, has not only failed or refused to follow the applicable rules and regulations, it has knowingly disregarded orders to comply by Alabama’s regulatory agency.”

Campbell Law PC has handled cases against Terminix and other pest control companies across the U.S. for over 20 years. You can follow them on Facebook and connect via LinkedIn. During the current period of social distancing, Campbell is available for Zoom and telephone interviews: please contact Jennifer Campbell Ellis (jencampbellellis@gmail) for scheduling. Termite swarm season is rapidly approaching. If you have a question regarding a termite infestation, termite damages, or a termite claim, you can contract Termite Tom and his Termite Team at 205.278.6650 or at

Follow these links for the full text of arbitration award and the full text of the judgment.

Mobile County Sheriff Executes Writ Seizing Terminix’s Computers and Hard Drives

March 30, 2020 EDITED: The following story has been edited to correct mistakes of fact.

The Mobile County Sherriff’s office executed a writ of execution on Terminix International this morning, seizing computer equipment, hand-held devices, and other hard drives, as a consequence of its refusal to pay a final and binding arbitration award in excess of $1.6 million dollars.

Terminix is currently under investigation by the Attorney General’s office for drastically raising its annual renewal premiums for customers in Mobile and Baldwin County, often by thousands of dollars per customer. According to Tom Campbell, founder of the Birmingham and Mobile based law firm, Campbell Law PC, “this time Terminix has gone too far in refusing to pay the final judgment from an arbitration to an 80-year-old widow from Mobile.”

“Terminix has raised a lot of powerful eyebrows by its business practices,” says Campbell. “Rather than providing the services it promised to provide, that it was already paid to provide, that it was sometimes ordered by the regulators to provide, Terminix chose instead to run off tens of thousands of customers in the Mobile Area.”

Campbell further stated, “We hope Attorney General Marshall will not let Terminix abuse the tens of thousands of customers that the company abandoned. Indeed, my law firm has offered to help with these efforts in any way we can, provided that the relief sought makes whole every homeowner cheated by Terminix.”

“If you want to know what you can do to help,” Campbell says, “you should encourage the Attorney General or your local District Attorney to use the full power of the law to help protect the people of our wonderful state. Our elected officials have the responsibility to hold accountable this multibillion-dollar company that, on many occasions, has not only failed or refused to follow the applicable rules and regulations, it has knowingly disregarded orders to comply by Alabama’s regulatory agency.”

Current Terminix Employee Warns, “DO NOT HIRE TERMINIX!”

Current Terminix Employee Warns, “DO NOT HIRE TERMINIX!” (submitted by Anonymous in New England)

“Johnny” has been working for a small pest control company in the Northeast for some time now, but he has a new boss: Terminix. You can read Johnny’s story below.

“Terminix recently acquired a few companies in my area. My co-workers and I were also acquired as part of that buyout. It’s been a nightmare since. We are expected to not only do the home inspections and treatments (15-18 per day), but we are expected to schedule the customer and make pre-calls and post calls to customers. 

When Terminix acquired my former employer, the customers of the former company were not properly informed. Some received a generic email stating “Welcome to the Terminix family” and others received nothing. Customers would call with an issue, and they wouldn’t get a call back. I began giving customers my work email and work number so that they can reach me directly. I’ve been working with these customers for some time now, and I try my best to keep them happy, but it can get so overwhelming.

We’re doing between 15-18 services per day, to then come home and schedule people and call them. I wish we had more support. Some of my co-workers got screwed on pay. They worked over 40 hours and got a check for two weeks totaling less than $300. This hasn’t happened to me yet, but the moment it does, I’m gone. I work too hard to get screwed.

I can go on and on, but I’m just tired right now. I just worked a 12 hour shift in 98 degree heat, and I can barely keep my eyes open, but word of advice to any potential customer: HIRE A REPUTABLE LOCAL COMPANY. DO NOT HIRE TERMINIX!”

This story came straight from an anonymous Terminix employee. Boy, does this sounds familiar: forcing workers to achieve unreasonable quotas, terrible customer service, poor treatment of employees. Do you think Terminix employees can conduct complete termite inspections and adequate pest control treatments with 15-18 appointments each day. (They can’t.) What’s your Terminix Story? Tell us HERE.

Terminix Desperately Tries to Disqualify Their Biggest Threat. Fails.

Terminix Tries to Disqualify Their Biggest Threat and Fails.

UPDATED: November 2, 2020 In a decisive victory for Alabama homeowners and businesses, Terminix has failed to silence its biggest critic and biggest threat: Termite Tom Campbell of Campbell Law PC. On October 30, 2020, the Alabama Supreme Court unanimously rejected Terminix’s claim that Campbell Law should be disqualified from representing the victims of its fraudulent termite practices because of alleged violations of the rules governing lawyer ethics. All of the Supreme Court justices agreed that Campbell Law PC did not violate any ethical rules by hiring the company’s former branch manager to assist with claims against the company. Campbell has vowed to continue his relentless pursuit of justice for Alabama consumers from Terminix’s fraud. Terminix recently reserved hundreds of millions of dollars to pay current and future claims. (***AL Supreme Court Judgment attached below.)

On Monday, June 17, 2019, Terminix lost their most recent effort to silence Campbell Law PC when a Baldwin County, Alabama judge denied its two hundred page motion to force Campbell out of Terminix fraud trials. Evidently, Terminix is worried: Campbell Law knows too many of their dirty secrets.

Terminix recently asked a court to disqualify Tom Campbell and Campbell Law PC from representing its customers, arguing that Campbell Law knows too much about Terminix’s fraud–essentially that he wins too many cases against Terminix and that he recovers too much money for the clients harmed by Terminix. The pest control company’s lawyer, Chris King of Lightfoot, Franklin and White, complained that Campbell has former Terminix technicians and managers testify about the frauds that its home office forces branches to carry-out, and consequently, the company cannot get a fair trial. Campbell Law argued that exposing Terminix’s fraud leads to fair results that Terminix dislikes.

Twenty-seven months after one of its former branch managers began working for Campbell Law, Terminix filed a motion to disqualify Campbell Law from representing people who were harmed by their practices. Terminix essentially made two arguments: 1) that its former manager was exposing Terminix’s fraudulent practices in his testimony and 2) that Campbell Law may have been given “top secret,” confidential information because it had copies of Terminix’s “ASPIRE” Service Manuals. In fact, Terminix complained that CAMPBELL LAW KNOWS SO MUCH ABOUT TERMINIX’S FRAUD THAT IT’S JUST UNFAIR! 

Terminix’s attorneys needed to do better homework. The service manuals in question are hardly top secret: any quick search of Google will reveal copies available on Amazon and eBay for around $35. Plus, if the new lawyers Terminix hired had bothered to talk to their client or to even read the court files from prior losses, they would have discovered that Terminix handed-over the manuals to Campbell Law decades ago, and they would have also known that a judge said Campbell Law could use the manuals for any case in America.

After losing a case to Campbell Law that resulted in a 1.7 million dollar award to one of Campbell’s clients, the effort to discredit Tom Campbell and his firm took-off once again. This is simply Terminix’s latest attempt to prevent Campbell Law from representing Terminix victims. Trying to get rid of Campbell and his decades-long knowledge of Terminix’s wrongdoing is not a new ploy by the defense for the pest control giant. Tom Campbell has been suing Terminix continuously since the 1990’s. During that time, Terminix has used – and later dropped – six high-powered law firms to defend the fraud cases in Alabama. It is now on its seventh law firm. 

Rather than clean up their act and treat their customers honestly and fairly, Terminix would rather get that pesky little law firm off their backs. Terminix has unsuccessfully sued Campbell’s firm, asked the Alabama Bar Association to take away Tom Campbell’s law license, and repeatedly lost motions to disqualify Campbell. Terminix continues to fail at these attempts to silence Campbell though losing has not deterred Terminix from  continuing its fraudulent practices anymore that losing causes them to quit trying to get rid of the lawyer who keeps beating them. 

Terminix seems to be under the odd impression that it can claim that its fraudulent practices are protected “trade secrets,” and that whistleblowers from Terminix should not be able to sound the alarm against them. The practices that Terminix routinely uses to cheat their customers and then to cover up the evidence of their fraud cannot be compared to justly confidential company information. In fact, Campbell provided testimony to the Court that Terminix’s fraud is so shameful that Terminix’s CURRENT employees often refer homeowners to the law firm. As Campbell pointed out in opposition to the motion, most Terminix employees hate doing bad treatments, selling bogus service, and making shoddy inspections. Sometimes good-hearted people will send Terminix documents to Campbell because the employees or former employees want the company to be held accountable for their actions.

If you are a current or former Terminix employee who wants to tell your story, Terminix cannot stop you, and Tom Campbell wants to hear it. 

If you have been hurt by Terminix’s bad conduct, Terminix cannot stop you. Feel free to reach out to the team at Campbell Law by phone or email. 

Although may try to keep trying to stop Campbell Law, Termite Tom and his team will keep fighting back against Terminix and for you. Campbell Law PC has eight lawyers and a dedicated staff of paralegals who do almost nothing but represent consumers and businesses with claims against pest control companies all across America. 

TOLL FREE: 877-586-7582. E-mail:

***Follow this LINK to read the full decision from the Alabama Supreme Court.

Brandon Falls on Punitive Damages

Brandon Falls joined Campbell Law PC after nearly 20-years in the District Attorney’s office. In this video, Falls explains why punitive damages are regularly sought and won by Campbell Law PC.  Falls sees punitive damages as not only righting a wrong but also sending a message to those intent on taking advantage of homeowners.

Former DA to Represent Those Wronged by Termite Companies

Brandon Falls of Campbell Law PC, spent 19-years in the District Attorney’s office prior to joining the firm. Falls earned a reputation as a no nonsense criminal prosecutor. Having joined Campbell Law PC, Falls brings to the table a toughness that will benefit the homeowners he will now represent who have been wronged by termite companies.

Terminix Manger Gives the Inside Scoop

Former Terminix Manager Reveals Practices; Explains Why the Company Respects the Tenacity and Hard Work of Campbell Law PC. Steve Barnett is a former Gulf Coast Branch Manager for Terminix and knows how the massive Pest Control company is run from the inside out.
In this video Barnett describes why Terminix respects the thoroughness Campbell Law PC uses to investigate and present a case.

Beware Terminix “FREE” Termite Inspections

If you’re searching online for a quality, affordable termite inspection, you might have come across something like, Rid your home of termites. Contact Terminix today for a FREE termite inspection! Though this offer sounds great at first, many have been conned into the Terminix trap with this so-called “free” termite inspection, later to discover severe, costly consequences.

free termite insepction

A Free Termite Inspection from Terminix

Will Cost You Big Time

Terminix promises quality, affordable pest control services. Unfortunately, though they sometimes provide a free termite inspection without up-front cost, Terminix customers end up paying big time — often costing homeowners thousands of dollars. Here’s how:

  • Poor-quality inspections — Terminix pest inspectors often perform very limited inspections, over-looking fundamental areas such as attics and crawl spaces. They are also known to hide termite infestations and costly damage, especially if found after they supposedly treated the property.
  • Sub-standard exterminations and treatments — Once a person signs a contract with Terminix, they are provided periodic termite treatments that are supposed to prevent termite infestation. Many Terminix professionals cut corners during this process, failing to protect the property, leading to a need for costly re-treatment.
  • Use of dangerous chemicals — There are many cases brought against Terminix for use of dangerous chemicals resulting in serious illness and hospitalization, often causing life-changing disability and thousands in medical debt.
  • Failure to accept responsibility — Customers of Terminix often discover termites and damage while under contract. When this happens, Terminix does everything possible to evade liability, even though the damage could have been prevented if proper procedures had been followed.

Considering all these things, are Terminix termite inspections really “free?” Once a client is hooked by these initial inspections, they later discover thousands of dollars in hidden costs related to poor service, severe medical complications, and failure to resolve complaints before they become huge, costly problems.

Dangerous Pesticides Still Being Used by Terminix

"Warning, Danger"

Pest control ranging from termites and ants to mice and rats has long been a major concern among U.S. homeowners. Each year millions of dollars are paid out to pest control companies like Terminix in the hopes of keeping our homes free of infestations and our family and property safe. We trust these companies to provide services using products that will get the job done, but at the same time are not going to cause harm to our families.

A Vacation One Family Will Never Forget

Terminix is one of the largest pest control companies in the world. You would think that the only way this company could have grown to be so big would be through providing exemplary service. Unfortunately, this is not the case as the number of lawsuits against them not only for providing poor quality services, but also for using dangerous chemicals continues to grow.

In recent years there have been a number of cases where families have been poisoned by the chemicals used by Terminix or the smaller companies they hire, including one in which a young Florida boy was left so severely brain damaged following the fumigation of the family home he may never walk again. In a recent court case, a family who had been on vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands was exposed to yet another dangerous pesticide used by Terminix and ended up critically ill.

In this particular case, Terminix pled guilty to four counts of violating federal laws with regard to the use of pesticides. The company has also agreed to pay $10 million in penalties. The chemical in question was methyl bromide and can cause a person to suffer from convulsions, coma, and brain damage. The federal government banned the indoor use of this pesticide in 1984, and severely restricts its use elsewhere.

The family was hospitalized for treatment, and both of the teenage sons spent weeks in medically induced comas. Terminix has agreed to pay all medical expenses and prosecutors have stated they are willing to reopen the case if the company fails to hold up its end of the plea deal. This type of willful negligence is becoming all-to-common when it comes to pest control companies, the products they use, and the lack of properly trained personnel.


Ripoff Report – Terminix Scam Alert

When you hire a pest control company such as Terminix, you expect to get nothing but the best possible service. For hundreds of consumers across the country, this has been the case for decades. But behind all the happy smiling faces of home and business owners whose properties have been successfully treated, there is a growing number who have filed suit against the company for failing to provide promised services.

Terminix Scam. Big Bills No Service."Scam Alert"

Terminix seems to feel that due to their size and internationally recognized name, that they can get away with doing whatever they want. Many consumers report paying huge amounts of money to have Terminix come to their homes and eradicate pests, only to find that even after their homes were treated multiple times, the very pests they were trying to get rid of, were not only still there, but growing in number.

One homeowner stated they paid $650 to Terminix to get rid of mice. The company came out twice, but the home still has mice. Multiple attempts to contact Terminix have since been made, but no one from the company has ever called the homeowner back, leaving them out $650 and with mice still in their home.

Add-On Services Not Needed

Another complaint filed in Arlington, TX states that the inspector who came to the home chose to inspect the person’s attic, something they had never done before, and told them they had rats in the attic. The homeowner paid the money, but also opted to have a second company perform an inspection. This company did not find any sign of rats or any other infestation in the attic. When the homeowner confronted his Terminix provider regarding a refund, he was told,” well, you are not getting your money back and that good credit you are talking about IS going to be ruined.” by Terminix manager John Kasper.

10-Year-Old in Florida Will Never be the Same

10-year-old Peyton McCaughey’s life has been changed forever following fumigation by a Terminix subcontractor. The home was deemed by the contractor to be safe to return to but was actually still filled with highly toxic fumes. Peyton subsequently suffered severe brain damage and will likely never fully recover. Despite the fact his brain damage has been proven to have been a direct result of the sub-contractor hired by Terminix, the company continues to deny any responsibility.

These are only a few examples of just how far Terminix will go to deny their customers the services they have paid for or to take any responsibility for their actions. It seems the only way anyone has a chance of making Terminix accept any culpability for their actions — or lack thereof — is to hire an attorney and to file a lawsuit. Despite the number of ongoing lawsuits against Terminix, the company still continues to deceive thousands of their customers on a daily basis.