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Took a 2 year contract out for termite treatment at my cabin in spring of 2019 traps were set treatment was done the second treatment in 2020 i am sure never was done no appointment was made no show on security cameras then May of 2021 a $271.00 charge shows up on my credit card for another treatment that i did not authorize no appointment made no show on the cameras i call customer service ah no sir you authorized this treatment ya right told them to wipe off there customer list and i wanted a refund ok sir will have a appointment set up to remove the traps and a refund NOT! no refund traps are still there the funniest part i get a text a week or so after talking to customer service this is Brandon picking traps up today OK! not he comes back the private road to the gate NO LOCK a good neighbor at the end of the road ask what he was doing tells my neighbor he instructs him go through gate last cabin on left still have the and no refund they got my money and i got screwed

I had noticed a wasp problem when i moved into my new house on the rooftop and looked for a company that could handle this. DO NOT USE TERMINIX. I reached out for someone to look at my situation and give me an estimate. Immediately the rep was trying to lock me in for at least a year contract when all i needed was a one-time service. Once i finally had the rep agree to the one time service, i paid and expected the job to get done. I had 2 people come out to take pictures of where the nests were and confirmed there was an infestation. Both of these people didn’t spend more than 5 minutes in the area and left saying they had taken care of the problem. I had returned to the area both times to get stung and realize they had done nothing. At this point, I have called the phone line 30 times to connect with just 6-7 people who all assured me their managers were not present and were taking the steps to begin the process for my refund. No communication and seriously considering small claims court at this point. USE SOMEONE ELSE.

I have been a customer of Terminix for over 8 years They come and spray every month inside and out The first of July 2 021 I saw a roach on my kitchen counter. I call Terminix they had just been here 2 weeks before that. I was told they would come back out but more than likely i would be charged. I told them I would not pay again, so a few days went by I saw another roach I called again so the main man came out sprayed said that would take care of it that was 2 weeks ago guess what last night I seen another one I was mad this is on Saturday I called again the man said well you have to clean your cabinets and other places for them to leave My answer was I’ve been paying Terminix $44 a month for over 8 years to keep them out and you tell me that So what can I do to Terminix to get all that money back?

Well I signed up with Terminix last week. They were calling on homes in my neighborhood soliciting business.
So I signed up and let them perform the first service ….
Week later hornets invaded an area of our house near the door.
Saturday morning I called at least 10 times with no answer…
Finally at 11 am I got a hold of someone at the call center.
On hold for 18 minutes and another lady answers.
On hold for 30 minutes and she can’t reach the technician or the branch manager.
If they ever get here I will be canceling this contract.
By the way , I never received a contract.
If I had read the previous reviews, I would have never agreed to have Terminix perform anything.
Buyer Beware….

I inherited service for termites from my parents when I moved into one of their rent houses. They were supposed to come once per year to inspect for termites but it usually got brushed off or they showed up when we were not around. I was having trouble with ants on the patio so one of the times they did actually come inspect for termites, I went ahead and had them spray the house for bugs. They said they would come once per quarter and could cancel anytime I wanted. Weeks later I still had ants so I called the person who gave me their card (Jacob W.). No answer and he didn’t return my call. after several days, he did answer and I told him I still had ants and he informed me that wasn’t his territory any more and hung up. I finally got through to the main company, no small feat by the way, and told them I wanted to cancel. She said they would really like a chance to make it right but that I could cancel if I really wanted to. I let them come out but it didn’t take care of the ants. I had service people call me when they were on the way to the house, no appointment. Show up with no appointment, and even go to the wrong house! All the while, I had the service changed over to my name and number and 8 months later they still had their records wrong. I talked to them again today and they still called me Rebecca! I have been trying to cancel the service now since January and they said I had a contract and they would charge me an early cancellation fee. I did not sign a contract and Jacob W said I could cancel at any time. The company took no responsibility what so ever. The local office blames it on the national office and the national office blames it on the local office. I tried to cancel again in May and and got to a person who said since I paid the bill they sent me in April that they would cancel my account and I would not be charged any more. I got another bill in May and another in June. When I call his number, I now get the corporate office . Bottom line, I just had to pay another $120 so they would stop calling me, by the wrong name, and cancel my service. We will see if I get another bill but I am now on a campaign to stop anyone from ever calling Terminix again!!!

I tried to cancel my contract, They refused. I signed an $800, one year contract to have rodents removed. All they did for the price they charged was to cover all the holes, put 4 rat traps, 2 4×5 sticky boards on the ground. The rats had already crawled up on the side of my walls, chewing anything and everything. They locked up the rats so that they could not escape.
They told me they couldn’t do anything else and that I just had to wait for them to die of starvation or dehydration. In the meantime, my house was being destroyed. I fired them due to “lack of interest “. I never got a refund. And the rats were still alive. They tried offering me another year of service for free plus one service, spraying the Perimeter of the house. I did not accept that offer. I don’t want anything to do with them. By the way….they don’t even have a “home office” to call and leave messages. So frustrating. I have learned by this mistake NEVER TO SIGN ANOTHER CONTRACT!

I hire terminix to treat for mosquitos i was charge 180.00 and they came out first time and treated and problem got worst, I call back they said they will come back out and treat again driver showed up at house got off his truck and never treated just drove back out i have camaras to prove it, I try for over 2 weeks to get a call back from a manager and never receive a call back from a manager. Now problem is worst and no response from anyone, I call i get representative wish they have no idea on how to solve the problem but just send emails to who knows who!! Stay away from this company they are the worst…dont hire them for nothing read others reviews on line and you will see how bad they are..stay away!

The guy came out the first time he said to take everything out to cubbards  and move the furniture 6 inches from the wall so that kind of coming Monday he called in sick everything’s too dark for a week I called Bianca and asked her do you have any back up she said no I was hot so he came out he had nothing in his hand he had no defogger and told my uncle went in there to check to see what he was doing he thought we left it took him five minutes I was hot he did not have nothing in his hand and he said he did this and that we found one dead Roach then he was supposed to come back the following week he cancel the same day and went on vacation again Aaron’s the one that said I had an infestation Martin didn’t do nothing covid and they got lazy told the girl she goes well if they’re in there in the area they can make their own appointments know they can that’s very unprofessional of you guys I want my money back they did not do nothing I’m doubled up infestation and I’m calling somebody else or you need to call me back as soon as possible there in the area i been calling they don’t answer or they hang up on me I want my money back I told them I am allergic to them supervisor nor manager never responded very p00r business

My family and I have been customers of terminix about 2to3 years. Every time they spray the house for roaches, ants and other bugs we still have a problem with Argentina ants and roaches. We’ve sprayed all kinds of bug spray and even natural spray we still have a problem with ants. They came and sprayed this month were still having a problem with the ants. They want even put bait into the wall. These ants are living in our walls and under the house.

I booked a free home inspection, and the inspector Victor Odili informed me that he highly suspected that I had racoons in my attic. He pointed to divots in the insulation and far-off barely perceptible “tracking” as what informed his diagnosis, then proceeded to recommend a $1500 service to prevent critters access to my attic and to remove the current infestation. When I inspected the attic myself, I did not find a single sign of animal infestation. Not one track, not one bit of scat. Rather than drop such a large sum of money on a service that I suspected I did not need, I told the rep that I would call him back after getting a second opinion. I contacted a family owned and operated pest control service to check my attic, and they saw absolutely no sign of animals, same as I had. Not only was it fake, the service itself would have only cost $650 from this other provider instead of $1500.