“Your technician is on the way. ” This was the subject heading of the three emails I received from Terminix on March 27, April 9 and April 24 when stating someone will visit my house. And each time, they leave not doing anything. On the first date, the tech, Terry King, didn’t have the right equipment to open the bait traps. He agreed to come back or have another associate come back the next day to do the job. I did leave the gates unlocked so he could have access. I still don’t know to this day whether he or someone else had stopped by. On the second date, Terry explained he still didn’t have the tool for the bait traps and promised another tech will stop by to perform the task. Never heard anything after that. Now, today, the third date, he stopped by around 1:20pm even though I did get a voicemail from Terry two days ago that he will be visiting between the hours of 10 -12. Only thing he did was an outside inspection. Didn’t check the traps like he promised the first time. I told him he was wasting my time. And I even had postponed running out to grab some face masks that was being given out in the neighborhood to wait on this sucker. I’m just so pissed calling him a sucker seemed appropriate. And now Terminix wants my business again, asking if I wanted to renew my contract. Well, now I am definitely looking around at other companies for any deals and offer the same coverage as Terminix. Just realized that Terminix can’t even do the simpliest task and as about as incompetent as our President.

Submitted by Wilma Prevo from Chicago, IL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.